New Leaf B2B

Where your New Leaf B2B tailored App fits in your sales cycle

Awareness – Interest – Desire – Action

A tailored New Leaf B2B App will enable your business to be immediately actionable from anywhere at the all important moment when the decision to buy from you is made.

Small professional services businesses can sometimes have very long sales cycles. So, it’s important for these businesses to find ways to be memorable. With our innovative service, we can help make your business stand out and retain the attention of people that you already know are your sales opportunities.

We enable you to be assured that they are carrying your contact details with them day in and day out, ready for the day they want to get back in touch with you. They will see your company logo as an App icon on their phone every day.

We provide a tailored service and deliver your New Leaf App with your brand images and content on both iPhone and Android within a week for unlimited downloads and unlimited usage.

Read the story here all about how our client Phil Bainbridge, Founder and Director of Rhodes Event Management, gets value from our service: